“. . . she was extremely effective and removed some obstacles that I had literally been struggling with for fifty years. That’s nothing short of a miracle. . . I strongly suggest anyone who is considering Bethany’s assistance move forward and claim their destiny.”

D. W. NM

“Bethany has been a blessing in my life ever since I met her. She is a powerfully spiritual healer that is in line and constantly in tune with spirit.”

E. M. CO

“Bethany is one of the genuine healers. She has a natural ability to tune into higher frequencies, and the spiritual maturity to do so with discernment and honesty… I think people who find her are fortunate indeed!”

M. O. NM

“Bethany cleared a friend’s house and land. Afterwards I came to visit and could feel the energy in the house had completely shifted, the difference before and after was miraculous.”

C. C. CA